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The objective is clear: to neutralize odors before they exit the exhaust pipe, so that they do not reach the atmosphere. Being small in size, Zephiro UTS can be easily placed in the kitchen or on the top of the building, and linked to the exhaust pipe (placed under the extractor). Thanks to the Osmogenic Barrier treatment, the “dry fog” created by Zephiro UTS leads to the neutralization of the outgoing odor molecules. The neutralizing solution produced by the system is brought by the chimney aspiration to the pipe, where it neutralizes the odor molecules. At this stage “neutral air” is going out of the chimney. The innovation introduced by Labiotest in the field of Osmogenic Barriers is the use of ultrasounds. This technology allows the forming of micro-drops made of a specific formula, developed to abate harassing cooking odors, without endangering human health or harming the environment.

Zephiro UTS is available in different sizes and it is modulable depending on the the type of application. It has low operating costs and water consumption and energetic supply are minimum. Zephiro UTS is able to interface with any type of chimney’s hood (both round or rectangular) with a quick and easy installation. The ordinary maintenance is uncomplicated and simple too.


Zephiro UTS